About The Convenient Chef

Powell River Gourmet Frozen Food Delivery or Pick Up


The Convenient Chef:

Prepared Frozen or Chilled Gourmet Food and Meal Delivery or Pick Up in Powell River, BC

Download and print our new take-out menu!

No tax applied and Free delivery on $40 order within city limits only.

Good food & Convenience using local (100 miles), seasonal ingredients to maximize nutrition & flavour, without additives or preservatives

From The Tree Frog Bistro founder Marika Varro comes The Convenient Chef: an exciting new gourmet food  business in Powell River with a unique approach to serving people. Check our menu, then call us up and order our locally-made flash-frozen or chilled gourmet meals and we’ll have it ready for pick up at our convenient Townsite location, or we’ll deliver.

Our headquarters is the little yellow house at the crossroads of Ash and Marine Ave in Townsite (just up from Townsite Brewing) that will house our kitchen and retail outlet.


The Convenient Chef is creating ‘ready to heat and eat’ meals to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. Whether it’s for a special occasion or for a Wednesday night when you’re too tired, unable or uninspired to cook, we offer you:

Beautifully arranged, delicious and satisfying meals that are nutritionally balanced, baked in-house, using local (100-mile) ingredients with no additives, preservatives or MSG.
We bring you restaurant-quality gourmet dishes that save you time, are so convenient and inexpensive. Just heat and eat!

Perfect for

Busy professionals
Families on the go
Families with new baby
Date night at home
Extended care
(ICBC, WCB , medical care patients)
Institutional and home care providers
Boaters, hunters, and vacationers heading to the cabin or camping
Emergency meals
Those who like the convenience of a prepared delicious meal or menu items to complement other dishes or side-dishes you cooked yourself.

Customized meal contracts are available for regular delivery to the your door.

Drop off catering is available to businesses, offices, and homes.

Meetings, special occasions, and events are all good reasons to take advantage of the excellent cuisine provided by the Convenient Chef.


Our Vision

A New Concept for a Powell River Clientèle

Our vision

To fulfill our passion for creating flavourful and nutritious meals.
Primarily sourcing local ingredients, supporting Powell River farmers and businesses.
Operating on the principal of zero waste.
Committed to teaching about how to prepare healthy foods through our classes and through public outreach (check out Marika’s monthly column in Powell River Living Magazine!)

We’re a team of food aficionados

Getting to know Marika and Naomi

Marika Varro – owner/general manager

Born in Budapest, Hungary to busy parents, Marika spent a lot of her childhood in the country side where her grandparents had a vineyard. Great memories of crushing grapes barefoot and being around farm animals. Her grandmother was an excellent cook and being around her all the time, Marika developed a deep passion for cooking from a very young age, learning the basics of meal preparation from her grandmother. Marika is self-taught, loves to read and learn about food, a day doesn’t go by without reading, learning something food or business related.

Marika has over 30 years’ experience in the food service industry. She owned and operated various successful food and wine related businesses since 1991, most recently here in Powell River; WestView U-Vin, U-Brew and the Tree Frog Bistro. 1991 in Calgary started a catering business All Occasion Catering, changed hands in 2014 along with the Tree Frog Bistro. Her dream was always to create signature dishes from local ingredients; this new business venture will fulfil that.


Check out the food articles that Marika is writing each month in Powell River Living Magazine!


&nbsp &nbsp SEE THE MENU &nbsp &nbsp


Local, seasonal (100 miles) ingredients Maximizing nutrition and taste without additives or preservatives

Food made with love & passion


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