The food on this menu is prepared using quality ingredients and canapés are generously proportioned. The canapés are served on recyclable platters and containers for customers to pick-up from Convenient Chef kitchen in Townsite, or for delivery with a surcharge.

Canapés are sold by the dozen (min. one dozen) and there is a 5% discount on orders of 4-7 dozen and 10% on orders of 8 dozen or more.

Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks’ prior notice for ordering canapés. Convenient Chef kitchen is open Mondays through Fridays 10 – 5 and Saturday 12 – 5, collections should take place during these times, upon prior arrangement.

Convenient Chef does not provide any utensils, plates, cutlery or serving of its food – All serving arrangements must be made by the customers themselves. The above prices are exclusive of G.S.T., which will be added.

Hot Canapés

  • Thai chicken satay & dipping sauce
  • Sausage rolls
  • Potato skins
  • Crab cakes
  • Stuffed mushrooms caps
  • Flatbread – mushroom and caramelized onion or smoked salmon & herb cheese

Pricing – $39 per dozen

Cheese Plate

Selection of cheeses such as brie, camembert, blue, goat’s, edam, cheddar

Pricing – based on size / number of guests, please inquire. Min. $50.00

Cold Canapés

  • Scotch Eggs
  • Shrimp Cocktail on Cucumber
  • Crostini – pea and shrimp, cream cheese and sweet chilli, mushroom and onion jam, beetroot and goat cheese
  • Bocconcini and tomato skewers
  • Brie and Cranberry puff bites

 Pricing – $39 per dozen


Selection of cold meats such as salami, prosciutto, capocollo, bresaola, pickles and other accompaniments.

Pricing – based on size / number of guests, please inquire. Min. $60.00