Sandwiches, Soups & Desserts

A generous portioned sandwich, such as shaved roast beef, festive chicken, ham & cucumber and various vegetarian options are served on large, freshly baked buns. The soup varieties include those listed above. Examples of our desserts are shortcake, plum cake, tiramisu, and pineapple carrot cake.

Prices for the meetings menu are per person (Minimum order – 10 people)

  Soup & Sandwich Soup, Sandwich & Dessert
Soup, Sandwich, Dessert & Drink
  $18 $20
  • GST is payable on the above prices
  • Delivery available for $25 – $50 depending on location and number of meals.

Summer Picnic Boxes

In summer months, we also offer individual themed lunch boxes.

Prices of picnic boxes range from $12 – $15 each