Welcome! Convenient Chef is located @ 5830 Ash Avenue, on the corner of Marine Ave. (HWY 101) & Ash Avenue, in Townsite, Powell River.  Look for the blue building with the sunset murals.

The new and improved façade of the Convenient Chefs commercial kitchen

Convenient Chef cooks balanced, nutritious and delicious home-style prepared meals for:

  • Everyday lunches and dinners in the home or workplace
  • Vacations and business trips, self-catering at cabin or on boat
  • Employee / overtime / emergency meals for industry operators
  • Meetings, special events, dinner parties

Under new management, Convenient Chef will continue offering all the favorite menu items it has become known for, such as Laurie’s Lasagna, Maple Ginger Salmon, ‘Pow Town’ Beef Stew and Chicken Dijonnaise, to name just a few, and they will also be introducing some new home-style menu items in the months and years ahead. This includes many gluten-free and vegan meal offerings.

Convenient Chef sells its fresh and frozen prepared meals in oven-ready recyclable packaging for you, your family, colleagues and friends directly from its commercial kitchen in Townsite.

Please drop into Convenient Chef and buy some frozen prepared meals to stock up your cooler or freezer – for those evenings you don’t feel like cooking or forgot to pick-up groceries, but still want a nutritious, delicious, hot cooked meal in your own home, at work, on the boat or at the cabin.

We also offer fresh hot and cold menu items for events, parties and meetings – see ‘Our Menu’ section.

Cooked here in Powell River, Convenient Chef meals feature many locally produced ingredients.

Convenient Chef meals are perfect for:

  • Busy professionals and industry workers alike
  • Seniors (‘children’ from out of town often order for their parents)
  • Vacationers to the cabin, Air B&B’s or away on the boat
  • Families on the go, with a new baby or without spare time to cook
  • Hosts of lunches or dinner parties
  • ‘Date night’ at home
  • Individuals on extended care or insurance claims
  • Veterans (insurance providers often cover costs)
  • Institutional, health care and home care providers
  • Boaters, hunters, fishermen
  • Industry organizations requiring staff and / or emergency meals
  • Really anyone who likes the convenience of balanced, nutritious and delicious home style cooked meals, without having to cook!

Please note that Convenient Chef does not provide catering services in the traditional sense (ie. preparing, serving and cleaning up after a meal at the client’s venue), as it did under previous management.

The new owners are however still providing freshly prepared hot and cold meals for events, parties and meetings, for collection at the kitchen or delivery. Please see ‘Our Menus’ section.

Look out for new exciting products that will be launched in 2020!

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