Welcome to The Convenient Chef 
From Marika’s Kitchen to Your Table
Gourmet Catering and Frozen Food for Delivery or Pick Up

Featuring our special Senior’s Meal Program that consists of 5 “Chef’s Choice” Meals for $50.00  (Optional: Add $10 more and get 5 desserts OR 5 soups as well)
Order and pre-pay by Sunday for free Wednesday delivery or pick-up (within city limits).

We are located in Townsite  (next to Townsite Brewing)
Visit us weekdays 10am-6pm at 5830 Ash Avenue
Powell River, British Columbia

Call us at  604.483.9944 or 604.414.5376 or email convenientchef.pr@gmail.com

The Convenient Chef provides good food & convenience in Powell River, BC featuring local (100-mile) and seasonal ingredients, to maximize nutrition and taste, without additives or preservatives. We Offer year-round gourmet meat-based & vegetarian selections and catering to a local & discerning Powell River clientèle.

The Convenient Chef is perfect for:

  • Busy professionals
  • Seniors (children who live out of town can pre-order nutritious meals for their parents)
  • Bachelors/singles
  • Families on the go or with new baby
  • Date night at home
  • Injured or Extended care
  • Institutional and home care providers
  • Boaters, hunters, and vacationers heading to the cabin or camping
  • Emergency meals
  • Those who like the convenience of a prepared delicious meal or meal selections

Customized meals are conveniently delivered to the your door with drop off catering also available to businesses, offices, and homes.  Meetings, special occasions, and events are all good reasons to take advantage of the excellent cuisine provided by the Convenient Chef.  No tax applied and free delivery on $40 order within city limits.
Contact us for seasonal menu items is also based on customer requests, availability and, of-course, on our chefs’ inspiration.
Contact us with your ideas, and check out our image galleries and news on our Facebook Page.


Chef Marika Varro photo The Convenient Chef

Chef Marika Varro photo The Convenient Chef

Former Tree Frog Bistro owner and award-winning Chef Marika Varro’s The Convenient Chef is an exciting new business in Powell River with a unique approach to serving people delicious prepared dishes and catering.
The Convenient Chef is creating ready to ‘heat-and-eat’ meals and individual dishes in various portions, to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. Packaging is high quality, PBA free and meals can be heated in conventional ovens or microwave.

We aim to delight with a great selection of nutritionally balanced, additive-free, flash-frozen or chilled restaurant quality options, while supporting our local farmers and economy.
Pre-pay for a month and it will be at your door every Wednesday.

Born in Budapest, Hungary to busy parents, Marika spent a lot of her childhood in the country side where her grandparents had a vineyard. Great memories of crushing grapes barefoot and being around farm animals. Her grandmother was an excellent cook and being around her all the time, Marika developed a deep passion for cooking from a very young age, learning the basics of meal preparation from her grandmother. Marika is self-taught, loves to read and learn about food, a day doesn’t go by without reading, learning something food or business related.
Marika has over 30 years’ experience in the food service industry. She owned and operated various successful food and wine related businesses since 1991, most recently here in Powell River; WestView U-Vin, U-Brew and the Tree Frog Bistro. 1991 in Calgary started a catering business All Occasion Catering, changed hands in 2014 along with the Tree Frog Bistro. Her dream was always to create signature dishes from local ingredients; this new business venture will fulfil that.